Jobs leaders steady, others move up list of top county employers

February 9, 2014 

Below is a list of the top 40 employers in Centre County.

1. Penn State

University Park

President: Rodney Erickson

What: A public research university with an estimated 44,814 student enrollment.

Centre County employees: 25,967 including 12,468 full-time; 5,909 part-time and 7,599 student or work-study employees.

Previous rank: 1

Contact: 865-4700

2. Mount Nittany Health

1800 E. Park Ave., State College

President/CEO: Steve Brown

What: An acute-care facility offering medical, surgical, diagnostic and community services that is affiliated with the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. The hospital also offers outpatient clinics providing health services throughout Centre County.

Centre County employees: 2,168

Previous rank: 2

Contact: 231-7000

3. State government


Governor: Tom Corbett

What: State government has a 2013-14 annual budget of $28.37 billion, an increase from $27.66 billion in 2012-13, that is not under the purview of federal or local authorities.

Centre County employees: 1,605

Previous rank: 4

Contact: 717-787-2500

4. State College Area School District

131 W. Nittany Ave., State College

Superintendent: Bill O’Donnell

What: The school district educates about 6,778 students in the Centre Region with an estimated 2013-14 budget of $119.6 million.

Centre County employees: 1,275. This includes 1,083 full-time and 192 part-time employees.

Previous rank: 3

Contact: 231-1011

5. Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc.

1952 Waddle Road, State College

President: Dan Hawbaker

What: An excavation company operating 24 quarries and eight asphalt production facilities across the state, New York’s Southern Tier and eastern Ohio. Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc. offers services such as asphalt paving, road construction, gas well service and construction, as well as engineering design services.

Centre County employees: 780

Previous rank: 6

Contact: 237-1444

6. Wal-Mart Associates Inc.

State College

What: A retail business that manages discount department stores around the world with about 8,970 locations worldwide, and 2.2 million employees.

Centre County employees: About 693 depending on the season at two Wal-Mart stores and Sam’s Club. Each Wal-Mart reportedly has about 290 employees and Sam’s Club employs 113.

Previous rank: 7

Contact: 479-273-4000

7. Weis Markets Inc.

1000 S. Second St., Sunbury

What: A supermarket chain based in Sunbury, including several locations in Centre County and locations in New York, Maryland, West Virginia and New Jersey. The Spring Township superstore, which opened in 2012, is about twice the size of the old Bellefonte location, which it replaced.

Centre County employees: 656

Previous rank: 9

Contact: 866-999-9347

8. Centre County government


Commissioners: Steve Dershem, Chris Exarchos and Michael Pipe

What: The county runs governmental functions not otherwise taken care of by either state or local government. The offices include planning, elections and the Recorder of Deeds and the Register of Wills. The projected county budget is about $68 million.

Centre County employees: 600

Previous rank: 5

Contact: 355-6700

9. The Meadows/Universal Community Behavioral Health

132 The Meadows Drive, Centre Hall

Director: Cathering Briggs

Centre County Regional Director: Val Barner

What: Provides inpatient psychiatric care and outpatient therapy for children, adolescents and adults, and family-based mental health services.

Centre County employees: 545

Previous rank: 8

Contact: 364-2161

10. HRI Inc.

750 W. College Ave., State College

President/CEO: Jeffrey Lamb.

What: A family-owned paving company in State College that runs several hot-mix asphalt plants and one emulsion plant.

Centre County employees: 475

Previous rank: 11

Contact: 238-5071

11. Wegmans Food Markets Inc.

345 Colonnade Blvd., State College

Manager: Todd Strassner Jr.

What: A family-owned grocery store chain based in Rochester, N.Y., with 81 locations in six states, including New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Massachusetts, with one in Centre County. Wegmans has appeared on Fortune’s annual “100 Best Companies to Work For” list since its inception in 1998, and has ranked among the top 10 for the past decade, including the best company to work for in 2005. The Food Network recognized it with its award for Best Grocery Store in 2007 and Consumer Reports ranked it the top U.S. grocery chain in 2012.

Centre County employees: 435, however, Strassner said that number increases in seasons where Wegmans gets more student employees.

Previous rank: 12

Contact: 278-9000

12. Bellefonte Area School District

318 N. Allegheny St., Bellefonte

Superintendent: Cheryl Potteiger

What: The school district educates about 2,800 students in the Bellefonte area from kindergarten to 12th grade in six schools, with a budget of $45.7 million in the 2013-14 school year.

Centre County employees: 430

Previous rank: 13

Contact: 355-3814

13. YMCA of Centre County

125 W. High St. Bellefonte

Executive Director: Howard Long

What: As a not-for profit community-centered organization, the YMCA of Centre County oversees branches in State College, Bellefonte and Philipsburg.

Centre County employees: 417

Previous rank: 15

Contact: 355-5551

14. Geisinger Medical Group

Centre County

Regional medical director: Dr. Raymond Nungesser.

What: A branch of Danville-based Geisinger Health System, which serves central and northeastern Pennsylvania.

Centre County employees: 403

Previous rank: 10

Contact: 800-275-6401

15. Federal government

Washington, D.C.

President: Barack Obama.

What: The federal government has 17 agencies in Centre County. The latest statistics come from November, and show a decrease from last year’s employment level of 567 local federal employees due to budget cuts.

Centre County employees: 400

Previous rank: 14

16. Shaner Operating Corp.

1965 Waddle Road, State College

Chairman: Lance Shaner

What: With more than 2,500 employees, Shaner Corp. comprises hotels, management firms and a financial service branch.

Centre County employees: 354. Of the total, 217 are full time and 137 are part time, however those numbers vary throughout the year as the Toftrees location hires more people seasonally.

Previous rank: 17

Contact: 234-4460

17. Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District

200 Short St., Philipsburg

Superintendent: Gregg Paladina

What: The school district educates about 1,916 students with a 2013-14 budget of $27.9 million.

Centre County employees: 353

Previous rank: N/A

Contact: 342-1050

18. Minitab Inc.

1829 Pine Hall Road, State College

President/CEO: Barbara Ryan

What: Creates data analysis software for businesses and educational statistics software for schools.

Centre County employees: 325

Previous rank: 16

Contact: 238-3280

18. AccuWeather Inc.

385 Science Park Road, State College

Founder/president: Joel N. Myers

CEO: Barry Lee Myers

What: A national weather company that provides weather forecasting services for more than 175,000 clients worldwide.

Centre County employees: 325

Previous rank: 18

Contact: 235-8500

20. Restek Corp.

110 Benner Circle, Bellefonte

President: Bryan Wolcott

What: A corporation that manufactures chromatography products used in a wide range of scientific analysis. Restek was founded in 1985 in Centre County.

Centre County employees: 312

Previous rank: 19

Contact: 353-1300

21. Bald Eagle Area School District

751 S. Eagle Valley Road, Wingate

Superintendent: Jeff Miles

What: The district educates nearly 1,777 students in four elementary schools, one middle and one senior high school. The annual budget is estimated at $27.8 million for the 2013-2014 school year.

Centre County employees: 309, including 268 full-time employees and 41 part-time employees.

Previous rank: 21

Contact: 355-4860

22. McDonald’s Restaurants of Pennsylvania Inc.

Centre County

Department head: Tara Musto

What: The global fast-food chain, based in Illinois, has four locations in and around State College and one in Milesburg.

Centre County employees: 298

Previous rank: 20

Contact: 412-859-0500

23. Giant Food Stores LLC

State College

Leader: David Javitch

What: The Carlisle-based grocery store chain operates in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. They are partners with other supermarket chains, Tops Markets headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y., and Martin’s, which is operated by Giant-Carlisle. Giant has two State College-area locations: 2222 E. College Ave. and 255 Northland Center.

Centre County employees: 284

Previous rank: 22

Contact: 888-814-4268

24. Hotel State College & Co.

100 W. College Ave., State College

Owners: John Cocolin, Mike Desmond and Joe Schulman.

What: The company runs numerous bars and restaurants in downtown State College including the Allen Street Grill, The Corner Room, Bill Pickle’s Tap Room, Indigo, Chumleys, Zeno’s Pub and Hotel State College.

Centre County employees: 250

Previous rank: 23

Contact: 237-4350

24. Brookline

1950 Cliffside Drive, State College

General Partner: Clifford Coldren

What: Offers physical, occupational and speech therapies administered by licensed and certified staff at five facilities: The Fairways, PineCastle, Windsong, The Inn and The Terrace. The Fairways also provides long-term care, post-hospital care and rehabilitation, with a program of treatment tailored to each person’s abilities, condition and personality.

Centre County employees: 250

Previous rank: 25

Contact: 238-3193

24. Foxdale Village Corp.

500 E. Marylyn Ave., State College.

Executive director: Bill James

What: Foxdale Village is a Quaker-directed, nonprofit continuing care retirement community

Centre County employees: 250

Previous rank: 28

Contact: 238-3322

27. Supelco Inc.

595 N. Harrison Road, Bellefonte.

Site director: Rod Datt, vice president of administration.

What: A division of Sigma-Aldrich, Supelco manufactures chromatography columns and other related products for analytical scientists.

Centre County employees: 246

Previous rank: 26

Contact: 359-2147

28. Sheetz Inc.

5700 Sixth Ave., Altoona.

CEO: Stan Sheetz

Chairman: Steve Sheetz

What: The convenience store chain services areas in Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. In Centre County, there are five stores in State College/Centre Region, one in Bellefonte/Benner Township, one in Wingate and one in Philipsburg.

Centre County employees: 207

Previous rank: 27

Contact: 800-487-5444

29. Raytheon Co.

300 Science Park Road, State College

Site executive: John E. Rougeux

What: A defense contracting company based in Massachusetts. Its State College facility is part of the Intelligence and Information Systems division.

Centre County employees: 201

Previous rank: 24

Contact: 278-2000

29. Hilex Poly Co. LLC

606 Old Curtin Road, Milesburg

What: The packing solution company is the industry’s largest plastic bag and film production manufacturer for companies such as Wal-Mart, Weis and Dollar General.

Centre County employees: 201

Previous rank: 38

Contact: 355-7410

31. Darden Restaurants Inc.

1000 Darden Center Drive, Orlando, Fla.

Director of Operations: Danson Mwaura

What: Headquartered in Orlando, Fla., Darden operates a network of national restaurant chains throughout the country, including Red Lobster on North Atherton Street and Olive Garden on Waddle Road.

Centre County employees: 200

Previous rank: 28

Contact: 407-245-5084

32. Graymont (Pa.) Inc.

965 E. College Ave., Pleasant Gap, and The Match Factory, Bellefonte

Director of operations: Marc Messenger

What: The Canadian lime and stone manufacturing firm runs a facility in Centre County, in addition to an underground mine, with sales offices in Bellefonte. Graymont is a family-owned company “committed to responsibly meeting society’s needs for mineral products.”

Centre County employees: 194

Previous rank: 31

Contact: 355-4761

33. Penns Valley Area School District

4528 Penns Valley Road, Spring Mills

Superintendent: Brian Griffith

What: The school district educates about 1,458 students within five schools and has a $23,673,117 million estimated budget.

Centre County employees: 191

Previous rank: 30

Contact: 422-2000

34. Windy Hill Village

100 Dogwood Drive, Philipsburg

Executive Director: Chad Evans

What: The senior living community is part of the larger, nonprofit organization Presbyterian Senior Living.

Centre County employees: 190

Previous rank: 33

Contact: 342-8400

34. HealthSouth Nittany Valley

550 W. College Ave., Pleasant Gap

CEO: Susan Hartman.

What: A rehabilitation hospital that provides comprehensive rehabilitation services for recovery after stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury and more.

Centre County employees: 190

Contact: 359-3421

36. Lowe’s Cos. Inc.

104 Valley Vista Drive, State College

Store Manager: Ray Farziat

What: Lowe’s is a retail chain selling home improvement goods and appliances.

Centre County employees: 188-192 depending on the time of year.

Previous rank: 34

Contact: 231-9130

37. Hershey Medical Center

Vice Dean of Regional Medical Center: Kevin Black

What: Penn State Hershey Medical Group operates practices in the State College area as part of the University Park Regional Campus of the Penn State College of Medicine.

Centre County employees: 187

Previous rank: 37

Contact: 800-243-1455

38. State College

243 S. Allen St., State College.

Manager: Tom Fountaine

Mayor: Elizabeth Goreham

What: The borough oversees local government services with a 2013 budget of $46.6 million.

Centre County employees: 185 including 170 full-time employees and 15 part-time employees.

Previous rank: 36

Contact: 234-7100

38. Sound Technology Inc.

401 Science Park Road, State College

Managing Director: Alessandro Gubbini

What: The company designs, develops and manufactures diagnostic medical ultrasound transducers with another location in Colorado. Sound Technology is a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialized medical ultrasound probes for original equipment manufacturers.

Centre County employees: 185

Previous rank: 32

Contact: 234-4377

40. Centre Area Transportation Authority

2081 W. Whitehall Road, State College

What: Provides mass transit in Centre County, including bus service, van pools and ride sharing.

Centre County employees: 159, including 156 full-time employees and 3 part-time employees.

Previous rank: 39

Contact: 238-2282

This list was compiled by Centre Daily Times staff writer Britney Milazzo with information from the respective companies, and the state Department of Labor and Industry in early 2014.

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