Recycling | The Do’s and Don’ts of recycling plastics

February 14, 2014 

It has been almost two years since we began collecting miscellaneous plastics for recycling. In those two years, we’ve had many challenges with the program and have learned a lot in the process.

I’d like to take some time to list the official Do’s and Don’ts of our miscellaneous plastics recycling program.

DO place the following items inside of our miscellaneous plastics drop-off containers: yogurt containers, margarine/butter tubs, cottage cheese containers, sour cream containers, dessert topping containers, strawberry/blueberry/raspberry containers, muffin/baked goods containers, lettuce/salad bar containers and plastic food storage containers, just to name a few. A more comprehensive list can be found at

DO NOT place the following items in or around our miscellaneous plastics drop-off containers: Styrofoam peanuts/pieces/sheets; bubble wrap; plastic wrap; plastic bags; salt bags; wood pellet bags; clothes hangers; clothes baskets; Rubbermaid, Sterilite and Tupperware plastic totes; plastic toys; cat litter pans or cat litter buckets; or vinyl siding. In addition, please do not place narrow-neck plastic bottles, jugs and jars in the miscellaneous plastics container.

Narrow-neck plastic bottles, jugs and jars should be placed in a curbside recycling bin or in a drop-off container labeled for “Plastic Bottles, Jugs and Jars.”

DO bring plastic bags, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, salt bags, wood pellet bags, bread bags, ice bags, cereal liners and plastic film to a local grocery store and place in the “Plastic Bag Container” to be properly recycled.

DO bring vinyl siding to the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday, to be recycled. We have a box labeled for vinyl siding at the transfer station.

DO NOT leave items on the ground next to the drop-off containers. If you bring your miscellaneous plastic items in a bag, please remove them from the bag and place them in our container. If the item does not fit into the container opening, we are unable to take it. Most importantly, please do not leave bags of miscellaneous plastics or large plastic items outside of the bin.

All of our miscellaneous plastics containers are clearly marked with a list of dos and don’ts to help if you have any questions.

We have four locations to drop off miscellaneous plastics. These locations are:

• CCRRA, 253 Transfer Road, off Route 26, between the Nittany Mall and Rockview Prison.

• Between the Patton Township Fire Station, 2598 Green Tech Drive, and ClearWater Conservancy, 2555 N. Atherton St.

• Burger King, 901 East Bishop St., Bellefonte. The bin is in the parking lot.

•  Hamilton Square Shopping Center, 244 West Hamilton Ave., State College.

Remember, if your miscellaneous plastic item does not fit into the opening on any of our containers, we cannot accept it in our recycling program. Please do not leave anything on the ground around any of our recycling drop-off containers, as they attract pests as well as lead to an unsightly atmosphere.

Thanks for your help in keeping the quality of recyclables up and the litter around our containers down.

Amy Schirf is education coordinator for the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority. Contact her at aschirf@centrecountyrecycles .org.

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