On Centre: Around Philipsburg | Philipsburg-Osceola students raise money for Rowland Theatre

lfalce@centredaily.comFebruary 19, 2014 

The Rowland Theatre might have a lot to draw in grown-ups. The Edwardian architecture. The old-fashioned loveseats in the balcony. The yesteryear charm of an old-school movie palace.

But for children, well, it’s a whole different experience.

Children don’t really care about the architecture much, but they do love the huge, cavernous space.

They might not realize that the extra large seats in the balcony are old-fashioned, but they do know that two best friends can sit in them to share some gummy bears, or even better, that you can have the whole seat to yourself with room for your popcorn and your brother doesn’t have to touch any of your stuff. They might not know that the Rowland is special because it is old, but they have also never known the heartbreak of a sold-out showing of a blockbuster because, well, there are just too many seats for that to be much of a risk.

The kid-oriented movies at the Rowland usually are the biggest draws. If kids want to see it, come early because the popcorn line can get crazy. (Upside? The screen is big enough, and open enough, that you can even watch the start of the movie while you are in line if you must. But seriously, come early.)

And the kids wanted to give back this year.

Students at Philipsburg-Osceola Area Middle School took the opportunity in December to raise money for the Rowland, to give something to help pay off the loans that helped the nonprofit that runs the borough-owned movie house upgrade to a digital projector and keep the films flickering in Philipsburg.

The sixth-grade classes collected $354.56 for the theater instead of doing gift exchanges in class. The eighth-graders participated in a penny war, collecting $300, including 9,582 pennies.

Who says kids don’t have good cents?

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