Letter to the editor | Rookie would be welcome

February 26, 2014 

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With all due respect to Joe Korsak, Jay Paterno’s qualifications as a quarterback coach have no real bearing on his abilities to be a politician, a writer or whatever other job he wishes to pursue (“What are the qualifications?” CDT, Tuesday).

Perhaps, Korsak himself may be better suited as a legislator than whatever his current vocation is. How many different jobs did you have before you settled on your current one?

It would be quite refreshing if there was a policy in place similar to jury duty in which everyone of age, when called upon, would be required to serve a term or two in Harrisburg.

There is this agonizing frustration that continues to arise when thinking about, reading about and/or dealing with professional politicians. I’m sure this is not solely my opinion.

Randall Kurtz, St. Marys

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