Music a daily grind for Pittsburgh rock band

By Jason Klose For the CDTFebruary 28, 2014 

Pittsburgh-based rock band The Daily Grind will perform at Penn State before on Feb. 28 before releasing their debut album and heading out on a national tour.

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  • if you go

    What: The Daily Grind

    When: noon Feb. 28

    Where: HUB-Robeson Center, University Park


Whether you’re in an established veteran band that has logged thousands of miles or in a band just looking for its big break, touring can be the best and worst idea for a musician.

For Pittsburgh-based rock band The Daily Grind, it’s all part of the process.

“You get to live out your dream but you’re broke as a joke the whole time,” said lead guitarist and vocalist Myles Mahoney. “You get all the life experience from city to city, but the only option is to grind every night. You have an hour to make people believe in you and your music and then you’re on to the next city.”

Penn State will host the quartet in a performance aimed at launching their upcoming tour that starts March 21. The suburbanite storytellers’ fusion of alternative rock and hip-hop includes Brad Hammer on lead vocals and guitar, Mahoney, Matt Majot on bass and vocals and Chris Petteys on drums.

Music was always present in Hammer’s home growing up, including legendary releases by the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and Loggins and Messina.

“I listened to any records my dad had laying around,” Hammer said. “That acoustic rock sound caught my ear way before I discovered alternative rock and hip hop.”

In 2013, the song “Don’t Forget Me” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers was the inspiration for the musicians. After starting out in basement sessions, Daily Grind hit the Pittsburgh club scene hard with a new lineup of original songs. In December, Daily Grind played a headlining set at the Hard Rock Café in Pittsburgh.

Daily Grind will produce their debut album “The Green Plan” for release before setting off on their first national tour, which includes stops in New York City, Denver, and Los Angeles, with more than 50 shows in three months.

“ ‘The Green Plan’ is going to be one of those albums that you see in Wal-Mart or some retail store that looks like you shouldn’t buy it, but you know you should,” Majot said. “This album is all about taking people’s expectations and either going way past them or totally crushing them.”

Majot said he is continually blown away by the amount of enthusiasm that comes from the crowd.

“It’s awesome to see the same faces in the crowd having a better time than they did the last 50 shows, while seeing new people having just as much fun,” he said. “Any downtime I get on stage, I take a second and step back and admire this thing that has grown so much bigger than us.”

“It’s my lifeblood at this point,” Hammer said. “We’ve been putting on the live show for a couple years now so it’s a more solid thing. I’ve pieced everything else in my life and the more I give up the more I get back from the music.”

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