Letter to the editor | Payouts tantamount to bribery

March 4, 2014 

Although I agree with many of the statements made regarding State Patty’s Day, as a local business owner and dues-paying member of the Penn State Alumni Association, I am absolutely appalled by the university’s decision to compensate local bars to discourage them from opening.

Not only is it completely unethical for a public institution to bribe local businesses it has no affiliation with, but it is discrimination toward other local businesses.

I and with three fellow alumni opened a quick-serve restaurant downtown 10 years ago, back when there was a limited number of restaurants in the downtown area.

Since that time, the number of restaurants has at least tripled, if not quadrupled. Given the increasing amount of competition, it is events like football weekends, Arts Fest and State Patty’s Day that have kept many of us in business.

The university’s bribing bars to close for one of these events hurts all of the surrounding businesses that typically would benefit from a day like this.

The university has done nothing to reach out to these other businesses to offer compensation and most likely did not even consider the detrimental effects to those businesses.

In years past, State Patty’s Day has shown revenue growth of three to four times the typical Saturday.

Will the university compensate me for that lost business or can I, too, expect a bribe to close my doors for the day?

Adam Green, State College

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