Letter to the editor | Bar owners got greedy

March 4, 2014 

It’s that time of year again, and I’m not sure it’s the students who are the worst of State Patty’s Day.

It’s bad enough the university is willing to shell out $173,000 to bar owners and alcohol distributors in State College to refrain from selling or serving alcohol during this 24-hour period.

Even that wasn’t enough money for some owners. So the cost to Penn State jumped to more than $186,000.

Sounds like a bribe to persuade bar owners to cooperate and curtail drinking by students.

What bothers me the most is that Penn State was willing to part with so much money that would have been better spent elsewhere; and that local business owners couldn’t shut down alcohol sales for 24 hours as part of their civic duty as responsible members of our community — the community they live in.

I know, money talks.

At what point are the bar owners responsible for what occurs in their community? They make plenty of money off students who drink alcohol. I doubt any bar in town would go bankrupt over the loss of one day’s alcohol sales. Their behavior is appalling, if not greedy.

On the other hand, does anyone actually think students aren’t going to purchase alcohol the day before and drink in their apartments?

Until Centre County becomes a dry county, students are going to drink. Bar owners should do the right thing by living up to their responsibilities as concerned citizens of Centre County and tell Penn State to spend its money elsewhere.

Steve Manuel, State College

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