Letter to the editor | Personal freedoms lost

March 7, 2014 

What a difference a month makes.

Just a short time ago our community was heaping praise on a student body that raised more than $13 million to battle childhood cancer. Now we tell these same students that we don’t think they have the maturity to drink alcohol.

So instead of insisting on a higher level of responsibility, what do we do? We propose a mini police state where the powers that be persuade, coerce and bribe private property owners to do their bidding.

Hypocrisy aside, what we should all be most upset about is our community’s willingness to give up our personal freedom.

We should all want Penn State students to grow up in an America where prohibition and censorship of legal opinion, behavior and ideas should never be part of the American conversation at any level, be it local, state or national.

In almost all legal behavior we engage in as adults, some would argue for government intervention to regulate that behavior.

But America is about freedom — freedom to choose and the freedom to live with the consequences of our free choices.

Granted, people make bad choices and bad things happen. Punish the lawbreakers; don’t weaken the freedoms that we cherish as a nation.

Our Founding Fathers said it best: Those who surrender freedom for security will not have nor do they deserve either one.

Norman O’Melia, Port Matilda

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