Real Estate Transactions: February 10-14, 2014

March 8, 2014 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Feb. 10, 2014, through Feb. 14, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Eric J. Obert, Mark R. Obert and David M. Obert to Jon Okonski, 1011 E. High St., $115,000.

Benner Township

Mary L. Shirk and Mary L. Benner to Three Angels LP, 373 Deer Creek Lane, $147,000.

Burnside Township

John E. Collar, by sheriff and Gloria J. Collar, by sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank, 496 Pine Glen Road, $4,142.32.

College Township

John S. Olsen, by sheriff to First National Bank of Pennsylvania, 124 October Drive, $136,000.

Ferguson Township

David C. Weaver, by guardian and Barbara J. Weaver to Barbara J. Weaver, 2123 Brushwood Drive, $1.

Edward F. Alberta and Tracy L. Alberta to Joshua D. Vlajic and Stephanie R. E. Vlajic, 745 Teal Lane, $232,000.

Jeremy S. Burris and Amber J. Burris to Thomas S. Schrack and Shari A. Schrack, 674 Berkshire Drive, $264,900.

Carl Easterling, by sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Associates, 480 Airport Road, $6,497.

Rennell E. Taylor, by sheriff and Nancy J. Taylor, by sheriff to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 170 Deepwood Drive, $5,913.64.

Benny Wang to Benny Wang and Shanna Wang, 2397 Setter Run Lane, $1.

David A. Code and Karen Bysiewicz to Ziyuan Chen, 729 Partridge Lane, $267,000.

Gregg Township

Glenn L. Wolfe Family Trust, E. Allene Wolfe, Wade Wolfe, co-trustee, and Susan Wolfe , co-trustee, Susan Wolfe, Jane Natali and Lois Roth, property located along Blue Ball Road, $1.

Rosemary Kerstetter and Rosemary G. Kerstetter to Rosemary Kerstetter Irrevocable Grantor Trust, Robin L. Capparelle, co-trustee and Lorinda L. Brown, co-trustee, 3763 Brush Valley Road, $1.

Haines Township

Christy L. Smith, by sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Associates, 129 Tattletown Road, $5,089.58

Rufus C. Balban, estate, Camilla L. Hironimus, executrix and Jonathan C. Balban, executor, to Scott A. Noel and Mary L. Benner, 147 Mountain Lane, $170,000. Harris Township

Jerry Junior Owens to Samuel K. Owens, 131 Rock Hill Road, $1. CDG Land Acquisition LP to Robert W. Kunco, 251 Timberwood Trail, $175,000.

Liberty Township

Deutsche Bank Trust Company to Brittany Corl, 276 Railroad St., $41,799.

Jodi L. Kaczor-Styers, also known as Jodi L. Kaczor, Jodi L. Styers and Michael S. Styers to Shawn M. English, 114 N. Kunes St., $96,000.

Miles Township

Paul William J. Krape to William P. Krape, property located along state Route 880, $1.

Patton Township

Eric K. Dare and Caitlin B. Dare to Eric K. Dare and Caitlin B. Dare, property located along Kimber Lee Drive, $1.

Chelsea K. Moon, Chelsea K. Mali and Peter Mali III to Chelsea K. Mali and Peter Mali III, 237 Ghaner Drive, $1.

Frederick T. Houlihan and Jane N. Houlihan to Philip S. Gelenberg and Pene Gelenberg, 166 Sandy Ridge Road, $215,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Judith Gursahaney and Kayla Gursahaney, 1751 Woodledge Drive, $370,648.

R. Edward Wolfe, Reuben E. Wolfe and Katherine A. Wolfe to Justin Jacobson and Gretchen U. Schrock-Jacobson, 145 Forest Glen Circle, $339,000. Penn Township

Philip J. Bosak and Kathleen R. Bosak to Brian P. Bosak, property located along Smithtown Gap Road, $1.

Rush Township

Richard Barnyak to Richard L. Barnyak and Betty Jo Harlow, 3930 Tyrone Pike, $1. Robert G. Harris Jr. and Dora L. Harris to Elizabeth Township Housing Group LLC, 301 Adams St., $46,084.35.

Snow Shoe Township

Norman Hahn, by agent and Barbara A. Hahn to Barbara A. Hahn, 132 Ponderosa Road, $1.

Spring Township

Thomas S. Schrack and Shari A. Schrack to Brian R. Rose, 165 Kathryn Drive, $225,000.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Ronald G. Woodring, Geraldine Woodring, Kristen M. Messner and Angela E. Mitstifer, 201 Barrington Lane, $254,856.25. Brockerhoff Acquisition Group Inc. to Melissa M. Sabin, 142 Wiltshire Drive, $252,500.

U. S. Bank to Robert H. Capucilli and Gina M. Modafferi-Capucilli, 947 Halfmoon St., $95,000.

State College Borough

Gerald F. Clair and Susan W. Clair to Charles C. Herlocher II and Sharon K. Herlocher, 232 S. Burrowes St., $425,000.

Colleen B. Toomey to Amy S. Czekaj, 517 E. Foster Ave., $330,000.

William F. Donovan, by sheriff to U. S. Bank, 180 Legion Lane, $8,449.44.

William B. Markley and Judith A. Markley to Stephan Levitsky and Nancy A. Levitsky, 1749 Blue Course Drive, $137,900.

Union Township

Michael Samuel Snook to Michael Samuel Snook and Julie Seroski Snook, property located along Ulrich Road, $1.

Walker Township

Rosemary Kerstetter and Rosemary G. Kerstetter to Rosemary Kerstetter Irrevocable Grantor Trust, Robin L. Capparelle, co-trustee and Lorinda L. Brown, co-trustee, 319 Heckla Road, $1.

Thomas B. Hinds to Doylan J. Deitrich, property located along Nittany Valley Drive, $160,000.

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