Letter to the editor | Vote Tarantella in 5th District

March 11, 2014 

I would like to state my intention to vote for Tom Tarantella for the 5th Congressional District in Pennsylvania.

I had the privilege and honor to meet Tarantella at a Centre County Democratic function (chili cook-off) organized by Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe.

I listened to Tarantella as he spoke about his stands on issues and how he feels he is the best candidate for the position held by U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson.

Tarantella came across to me as an eloquent speaker and a man of high integrity and strong convictions that would bode well for citizens in the 5th District.

As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, I especially liked that Tarantella believes our veterans deserve better, such as health care and benefits. I also like his ideas on education, jobs, infrastructure, cutting government waste, reducing the deficit, reforming our tax code and preserving Social Security and Medicare.

Thompson has continually voted on the wrong side of important issues and is too closely aligned with big business and oil companies, as well as being aligned with the tea party.

Please vote for Tarantella, as he is the most qualified candidate for the 5th District.

Thomas Sturniolo, State College

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