Letter to the editor | The hope of the world

March 12, 2014 

It has been a long war on terror, and this paper celebrates the warrior virtues as the height of patriotism.

It is time to say that this appeal to killing as justice is crime. Further, the commerce that it sustains at home predicated on buying cheap and selling dear is crime, too — crime against the giving of gifts at the center of community.

And there with death leering from the shadows and all sex wonton is the flat, fallen world that each day would insinuate itself.

Were that all darkness would be all. But it is not all: Light strikes the center of the world each day and lifts it beyond disorder.

So I can say one day war will be no more.

Commerce will be public service, sex, the spice of pure love and death will be torn aside.

This is there in each breath, and man is still God’s friend and the hope of the world.

John Harris, State College

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