Letter to the editor | What will it really cost?

March 18, 2014 

As a newcomer to Centre County and State College Area School District, I am very concerned about the upcoming high school renovation referendum and the fact that the county has not had a reassessment since 1994.

How can I, as a voter, make an informed decision without knowing the facts?

I read that I should assume an additional $180 a year in tax for the renovation project, but I do not know the effect of reassessment on my property and I do not know when that might happen.

I am not thrilled with the idea of reassessment, but it is required by law, and the longer it is put off the more drastic the changes will be.

The county needs to move forward with the reassessment before I can vote for a referendum, and the county needs to move to a 10-year reassessment schedule to avoid the drastic changes some taxpayers could face.

The school district needs a new school, but I cannot vote for something when I do not know what it will really cost.

Earl Moore, State College

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