World traveling singer-songwriter David Francey has a story

For the CDTMarch 21, 2014 

David Francey will headline the next Acoustic Brew series concert. The singer-songwriter said he focuses on the story in his songs.


  • if you go

    What: David Francey

    When: 7:30 p.m. March 22

    Where: Center for Well-Being, 123 Mount Nittany Road, Lemont


David Francey knows the sheer power of language. A true wordsmith, Francey’s music is further enhanced by his ability to charm audiences and expertly tell a tale, tall or otherwise.

For the next Acoustic Brew performance, Scottish-born and Canadian-bred Francey will bring with him an honest and impassioned catalog of folk songs and stories that have earned him accolades.

“These are all true stories,” Francey said of his music. “I wrote them for a reason and I know exactly why and where I wrote them and who I wrote them about. I think that people love to hear the backgrounds behind the songs, they really seem to appreciate that. In the past, I have tried to not tell a story and just simply sing a song, but it’s hard to do, I can’t do it.

Residing in small-town Ontario, Francey has always been a product of his environment and is able to seamlessly apply his surroundings to his music, resulting in a vivid and almost rootsy folk sound that quietly harkens back to his young life across the Atlantic. However, he wasn’t always the natural showman that he is now and essentially had to be forced into his first performance.

“I was always the quietest person in class and I never really put myself out there, I never liked it,” said the three-time Juno Award winner. “But then the first time I had to go play music, and I mean I literally had to, I was young, it was organized and I had to go sing and once the first song was finished, I realized that I had skipped an entire part and it forced me to say something in between the songs while the instruments were being tuned, and I just decided to tell people where the song came from and I tried to make it funny and then it just kind of took off from there.”

Long after that initial performance, Francey dedicated himself to exploring what his adopted country could offer him, hitchhiking across Canada three times and spending his time immersed in its lush landscapes to aid his creative process and maturation as a person and a songwriter.

“It’s been pretty consistent, but to me the lyrics are the most important thing and I never want to bury the lyric behind the music,” Francey said.

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