Letter to the editor | Paterno’s a serious candidate

March 27, 2014 

How gratifying it is for me to see such a fine, honest, outstanding citizen as Jay Paterno running for lieutenant governor.

He is a devoted family man, a football coach who has so positively shaped young lives on the field and off, and a man who cares about this great state and its residents and about the environment.

He supports the Clearwater Conservancy for land preservation and clean water. Paterno realizes what tourism means to Pennsylvania, the second-highest source of income for our state — second only to agriculture.

I know Paterno. I’ve spent time fly-fishing for trout with him.

We’ve shared a lot of laughs, but I also know him as a serious, loyal friend who can make a difference in the future of our great state, if given the chance.

It amuses me to see the politicians running for the same office desperately trying to keep Paterno from running the race. I guess a man with an impeccable reputation who can’t be manipulated by the party would be a source for concern.

Joe Humphreys


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