Letter to the editor | Words ring hollow

March 27, 2014 

Alumni should not be misled by the implication that electing new members to the Penn State board of trustees would mean we are going backward.

That’s insulting, as was much of Joel Myers’ March 21 letter (“Subsidy benefits residents”). What a politician.

We aren’t village idiots. We don’t think this is only about the NCAA and football.

We’re tired of the board being a clandestine group; of not being allowed to know how the university is run, how contracts are awarded and where the billions of our tax dollars have been spent.

We’re tired of the endless tuition increases; of the continued cronyism (the latest athletic director, for example); of basically having no access to records. We’re tired of the board acting as a divine entity, doing all it can to remain closed and protected.

As for the “crisis” at Penn State, Myers is accountable.

He was mum during and right after. As far as I can tell, he was in lock-step with former trustees chairwoman Karen Peetz’s “just move on” campaign.

His silence was deafening, and now his words have no substance. They are soundbites. Actions always speak louder than words.

Electing new, passionate alumni to the board of trustees is going forward and is positive. Sticking with those who mishand-led their only public challenge is not the way forward — especially when they do nothing to right the wrongs but now cleverly use words to seem appealing.

Jeffrey L. Sleigh


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