Sandusky trial judge urged to force former co-counsel Rominger to comply with leaks order

mdawson@centredaily.comMarch 31, 2014 


The Attorney General’s Office is asking the Jerry Sandusky trial judge to enforce a 2012 order that required all the lawyers, including Sandusky co-counsel Karl Rominger, reveal to whom they gave trial-related materials after a leak.

NABIL K. MARK — CDT file photo

Jerry Sandusky defense lawyer Karl Rominger has had a rough go of it lately.

The Internal Revenue Service filed nearly $310,000 in tax liens against him, and he’s being investigated for misappropriation of client funds in Cumberland County.

Two weeks ago, he voluntarily surrendered his law license amid the investigation.

Now, the Attorney General’s Office is adding to the troubles, as a state prosecutor is asking the Sandusky trial judge to enforce an order in 2012 that required all the lawyers, including Rominger, reveal to whom they gave trial-related materials after a leak.

NBC got a copy of the police interview that Sandusky’s adopted son Matt gave to police during the trial and broadcast it the week after the trial.

In the interview, Matt Sandusky told police his adoptive father molested him, and prosecutors used it to keep Jerry Sandusky off the stand. The jury never heard the tape during the trial.

Rominger’s co-counsel Joe Amendola long ago complied with the judge’s order, but Rominger never did.

Instead, he unsuccessfully appealed the order to two state courts. Most recently, the state Supreme Court denied a petition to even hear his appeal.

Rominger indicated in a media report that he would take the case to a federal court, but the deadline to do so passed.

State prosecutor James Barker wrote in a motion to trial Judge John Cleland that Rominger exhausted his options for appeals and now must adhere to the order.

Barker said the matter needs to be addressed out of concern for grand jury secrecy.

Barker’s boss, Attorney General Kathleen Kane, has hired an investigator to review her predecessors’ investigation of the Sandusky case. She’s said the review would look into leaks to the media, too.

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