Letter to the editor | Trustees who joined lawsuit maligned

April 1, 2014 

Members of Penn State’s board of trustees have again misused Penn State’s communication resources to intimidate and vilify four trustees for their participation in the lawsuit against the NCAA.

Upward State’s spokesman, candidates and website have supported this vilification.

The lawsuit’s success would recover $60 million of Penn State’s money, along with potential compensatory and punitive damages, from the NCAA.

It would also redeem Penn State’s reputation beyond question. Efforts to undermine the lawsuit, therefore, are like cutting a fire hose while emergency workers are trying to put out a fire. The only conceivable motive for the latter is that somebody needs to destroy evidence inside the burning building.

The board’s power brokers need the lawsuit to fail for similar reasons.

In 2012, board leaders Karen Peetz and Kenneth Frazier affirmed the Freeh report’s findings, which gave the NCAA the excuse it needed to impose its sanctions.

These trustees and others who went along with them, therefore, bet their credibility and reputations against Joe Paterno’s character and integrity; a very bad bet indeed.

If the lawsuit proves the Freeh report is deficient and/or dishonest, they would lose that bet even though Penn State would benefit.

This nonfinancial conflict of interest with the university’s welfare is the elephant in the living room, and no amount of hand-waving is going to make it go away.

William A. Levinson, Wilkes-Barre

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