Letter to the editor | Formerly uninformed

April 1, 2014 

I submitted a letter to the editor some time ago voicing my disapproval of the State High expansion.

Well, I have changed my mind. On March 20, I attended an informational presentation by Jim Pawelczyk, Julie Miller and Ed Poprik about the expansion.

Pawelczyk’s presentation was very informative. And after, they answered all my questions. It appears they have covered all the bases.

And I now think voting yes to the referendum is the right way to go. I don’t like paying more in taxes any more than anyone else, but to do nothing is just kicking the can down the road.

An $85 million expansion or $70 million to take existing buildings up to today’s standards? Those who remain undecided should attend one of the presentations. I think they will convince others to approve the expansion, as they did me.

Mark Crowley, Boalsburg

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