Letter to the editor | Cost is a long-term gain

April 3, 2014 

Things cost money.

If you want a bridge that ferries your car safely over the river, you have to pay to build and maintain it.

Likewise, if you want a healthy community of productive people and high property values, you have to spend money on the basic infrastructure to educate them. A child’s education is where it all starts.

People in our community highly value public education (except for a few who are inspired by the pay-as-you-go system of a poverty-stricken African country).

Most people in this area recognize that a top-notch school system benefits everyone, from the kids who go on to become dynamic members of society to the homeowners who enjoy economy-proof high property values.

That assumption will be put to test May 20, when a referendum to fund the high school building project will decide whether taxpayers approve $85 million to replace and renovate the failing State High buildings.

Keep in mind that if voters do not vote yes, the district will be forced to spend $70 million as a short-term solution just to get the high school up to code.

That’s a penny-wise and pound-foolish duct-tape outcome, and I think people around here are wise enough to see the big picture. I hope I’m right.

Kim Horn

State College

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