Letter to the editor | The buildings tell the story

April 5, 2014 

In a letter to the editor Thursday (“Too taxing for taxpayers”), taxpayers are told to recognize that “buildings do not educate.”

Tell that to the students and teachers at State High who must alter their academic curricula every time a heavy rain is predicted.

Flooding at the North Building music wing triggers a well-orchestrated (no pun intended) ritual of preparing the “Ark” (moving expensive instruments, securing electrical equipment, rearranging class time) to accommodate the impending flood.

I have witnessed firsthand water pouring into the building, past electrical outlets, janitors on standby with wet-vacs, students and teachers disrupting academic time to accommodate the building. Buildings do educate.

We’ve learned from this one that we have two choices: Do the Band-Aid fix and keep dealing with these annoyances; or give our students (and community) a building they can be proud of and able to learn in the best way possible.

Our students and future students deserve nothing less in a community of this caliber.

Marsha Freije, State College

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