Letter to the editor | Time for Congress to act

April 8, 2014 

The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is the grimmest yet.

Climate scientists have been warning us for decades that we need to reduce carbon pollution, yet our politicians have ignored them.

The IPCC report finds mounting risks to public health, threats to global food and water supplies and heightened global security risks as scarce resources threaten to intensify world conflict.

It is hard to believe but, despite overwhelming evidence, there are still climate deniers in Congress, like our representative, who not only ignore reality, but actively work to block any efforts by the administration to protect our communities from the impacts of climate change.

The Environmental Protection Agency is developing new rules to reduce carbon pollution from new and existing power plants, but big polluters and their allies in Congress remain committed to stopping the EPA.

Their actions threaten public health, fuel climate change and jeopardize our kids’ and grandkids’ future.

The latest IPCC report should be another reminder to our lawmakers that the costs of inaction are too high.

How many more extreme weather events that are costing us billions of dollars is it going to take before they finally get it?

Andy McKinnon, Pennsylvania Furnace

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