Letter to the editor | Where is the coverage?

April 8, 2014 

In a follow-up to the Citizens United debacle, the recent Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. the FEC added to the domination of the few over the many, eliminating caps that super-wealthy individuals can contribute to national parties, allowing nearly unlimited funds to finance whoever supports their causes throughout the country.

Were aggregate limits of $117,000 per election year not enough?

About 600 mostly billionaires pushed that limit and are now free to purchase what’s left of our democracy, giving money to all candidates throughout the country who support their agendas.

The wealthy now have much more First Amendment rights of “free speech,” the power of money to corrupt, than anyone else — without those nasty limits.

From our “free press,” with big media consolidations occurring, only six companies own 90 percent of mainstream media sources, so we don’t hear much about gerrymandering, ALEC, businesses writing legislation, job loss versus outsourced job gain, Glass-Steagall removal versus the investment banking corruption and the like.

One cannot seriously believe the media are liberal. More likely, they’ve become video coverage of this or that, weeks of covering a missing plane, with no substance.

Doug Keith, State College

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