Letter to the editor | Glocker for trustee

April 8, 2014 

I support Rudy Glocker for the Penn State board of trustees.

I first met Glocker in 1989, and we have continued our friendship throughout the years. He is a man of integrity and a man who accomplishes his goals.

He has vision and has direct experience in relation to Penn State’s World Campus by serving on the Outreach and Online Education Advisory Board.

The fact that he is active with the World Campus shows his dedication to Penn State’s future. With his experience, Glocker has the drive, determination and the knowledge to keep the university moving toward an optimal blend of traditional and nontraditional learning.

With college costs continuing to rise and the middle class shrinking, we need somebody who understands the value of a Penn State degree and a leader who will be fiscally responsible.

He has accomplished fiscal constraint without sacrificing quality in his role on the board of trustees at the Aloha Foundation.

I ask the voters to please vote for Rudy Glocker.

Mike Cote, Chula Vista, Calif.

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