Letter to the editor | Myers’ record tells the story

April 9, 2014 

It is common to find people who fail to meet expectations wanting to “move forward” and forget about past failures.

But how can we judge how people will perform in the future without evaluating how they did in the past?

We have ample evidence of Joel Myers’ performance and his ability to shape the board of trustees’ direction. Myers says that in 2011 he and the board took responsibility and acted. He didn’t agree with the bad stuff but was front and center with the good stuff.

He agreed to fire Paterno without giving him an opportunity to address his accusers. He says he didn’t agree with the Freeh comments or the NCAA sanctions but didn’t lead his fellow members in a different direction.

And now that he is up for re-election he is proposing a new statue to honor Paterno.

A great example of Myers’ double standard is the term limits Myers voted for for new trustees. Yet he has no trouble extending his own 33 years on the board. What makes him so much better or important than the next man up?

2011 was a time of tremendous emotion, and members of the board were not up to handling that situation. And I see no evidence that those same people would be equipped to handle the next crisis.

Removing Myers from the board is not focusing on looking back but is focusing on getting a better team in place for the future.

Terry Stambaugh, State College

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