Letter to the editor | It will be worth the cost

April 16, 2014 

I am a retiree who has lived in State College since 1966.

I have two daughters who graduated from the State College school system and got an excellent education.

I have seen many changes in our community over the past 48 years, some good and some not so good.

Among the worst is the deterioration of the high school to a condition that is no longer suitable for a satisfactory education for today’s students.

So I will vote in favor of building a new high school. I know it will result in an increase in my taxes, but this is one of the most important legacies I can leave to a community I love and believe in.

My two daughters have children. One lives in Cheltenham, Montgomery County, just north of Philadelphia.

They moved there from Philadelphia because of the school system. Their school taxes are higher than ours, as are the school taxes for my other daughter, who lives in Concord, Mass.

The message is that a good-quality educational system is expensive, yet it is one of the most important activities in any community.

Maintaining the high-quality system we have had in State College requires investments in upgrading our facilities.

And none is more important than the new high school. Please add your vote to support this important investment for the future.

Edward Klevans, State College

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