Letter to the editor | Professor on board

April 18, 2014 

People on the inside of a university — students, faculty and staff — have a unique level of understanding of universities’ needs and challenges.

This is a key reason my fellow Penn State students have lobbied hard for a permanent student member on the board of trustees.

The business people and lawyers who fill most of the board’s seats offer valuable insights, but they do not and cannot possess the rich knowledge that daily participants in university life can offer.

Given that education and scholarly research are Penn State’s reasons for existence, the lack of a professor on the board is a glaring omission.

Luckily, alumni voters have the opportunity to fix this problem by electing Alice Pope.

Pope has taught at public and private universities during an accomplished 26-year academic career. She also has highly relevant board experience — as a board co-chairwoman, she led a Brooklyn school out of a scandal and back to prosperity.

Since 2011, Pope has led alumni efforts to fix the governance problems that contributed to Penn State’s dubious response to the Sandusky scandal.

Unfortunately, as a student I cannot vote in this year’s trustees election. But I urge alumni to vote for Alice Pope.

She would leverage her decades of experience as a professor to look out for the best interests of Penn State’s students, faculty and staff.

A.J. Dillen, State College

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