Letter to the editor | Hold off on green space vote

April 24, 2014 

I do not support the extension of the 1 mill for green space in Patton Township at this time.

Many of my neighbors are not currently in a position to continue the extra payment, although they may be embarrassed to speak out.

A referendum similar to the State College Area School District referendum should be put to Patton Township voters.

As a professional planning analyst for a former governor and for the Office of the President at Penn State, I know that you can extrapolate from surveys whatever you want to hear based on phrasing of questions and various other selection processes.

Although I personally can pay the extra mill, I am not tone deaf to the plight of a significant number of my neighbors who are financially pressured due to losing jobs, rising costs of groceries and utilities and much more.

At a time when we must move forward with the school bond issue, this survey was monumentally ill-timed to precede the May 20 vote.

I urge the township supervisors to take no action on the green space extension of the 1 mill for green space in Patton Township unless there is a referendum.

Maria A. Sweet

State College

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