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May 3, 2014 

I joined the Schlow Library board of directors last year to be involved with an organization that helps transform our community into something better.

I have always enjoyed visiting the library and found myself repeatedly taking advantage of its many resources. But as a young professional, my responsibilities tend to monopolize my day, which, in turn, makes it difficult to find the time to visit the library to do what I really enjoy — browsing titles.

That is why I’m thrilled that Schlow’s website (SchlowLibrary.org) recently underwent a complete redesign with book covers, a “what’s hot” section and a search function that provides clear and relevant results, making it easier to find and download more titles I find interesting.

With shrinking state aid, the library has been relying on donations for these projects and the Centre Gives event will give Schlow some of the much-needed resources to continue to fund these programs.

Schlow Library needs your help. See what the library and its new website have to offer, and join me in supporting it on CentreGives.org.

Nicole D’Aulerio

Port Matilda

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