Letter to the editor | Our Earth is a divine gift

May 7, 2014 

The global warming crisis suggests that the forces unleashed by the Industrial Revolution were unstable, almost a kind of cancer, and that the rationalism that created these processes was dangerously flawed and man himself, therefore, a tragedy.

But, for me, the flaw at the core of these developments was not the burning of fossil fuels, per se. No, deeper; it lies in the sciences’ definition of life itself.

For it was not just yesterday in the 17th century that Robert Hook proposed that life was best seen as a machine.

Now machines are controlled from without and thus seeing life that way made it open to technological exploitation for power — an “it.”

Now it is time to say that each life individually is personally self-caused in freedom and never to be reduced to a technological means.

This means that life is individually moral and sacred and to be appreciated face to face by man, who is caretaker of that freedom.

If this correction is made, the fuel problem will quickly technically be fixed. For we will see who we are, what life is and the meaning of our lovely common home, a divine gift.

John Harris, State College

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