Letter to the editor | ‘God loves us all, right?’

June 18, 2014 

A “Their View” opinion by John Ingram appeared in the Tuesday CDT under the headline “The end of marriage and family.” One of his key points was that civil unions between gay couples should be adequate, and he correctly notes that civil unions are not recognized by all governments.

Civil unions do not provide the same benefits as does marriage. For example, Social Security benefits are not passed onto the partner in a civil union. Nor are survivor pensions or other of a myriad of benefits enjoyed in a “traditional” marriage given to a members of a civil union. And let’s be realistic, is the U.S. Congress in its current composition ever going to recognize a civil union?

Another point he makes is that the primary purpose of marriage is to procreate. But gays usually don’t procreate anyway, whether they are married or in a civil union. However, a gay couple’s chances of adopting are much stronger than any single person, and as a couple they can build a family, just as in a traditional marriage. The 14th Amendment should apply to all citizens of our nation, not just those in traditional relationships.

God loves us all, right?

Tim Edkin


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