Letter to the Editor | Brigadoon, indeed!

July 10, 2014 

Regarding frustrations with air travel into or out of State College, I add our experiences.

When I moved here 16 years ago, we joked about my coming to live in “Brigadoon” — a beautiful, peaceful, self-contained, isolated Happy Valley. But the real reason for that apt moniker is that “one can’t get here from there” or anywhere, except for maybe once every 100 years.

My Seattle daughter has made the trip faithfully each year, but half the time she has either been caught at one of our hubs needing to stay overnight, been driven in ground transport provided by the airline for State College passengers or needing to rent a car to make the last leg to Happy Valley. This spring, her trip was a classic. Using the Chicago hub, she was delayed from landing due to control tower problems and sent to a remote airport ill-equipped to handle the three jets that had to land there to refuel (delayed from deplaning until personnel could be rounded up to open the small terminal). On reaching O’Hare finally, she had missed her connecting flight and stood in serpentine lines to get booked on the last flight to State College, which was then canceled.

By then, she could only find accommodation in a smoky motel 20 miles from the airport with just her carry-on pack available. The next morning, she was routed through Dulles arriving in State College that afternoon without luggage, which was later located back in Chicago. She had to go clothes shopping. Brigadoon, indeed!

Liz Roth

State College

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