Review of Jackie Mims Hopkins’ ‘The Shelf Elf’

July 11, 2014 

Book: “The Shelf Elf”

Author: Jackie Mims Hopkins and illustrated by Rebecca Thornburgh

A charming story for young book lovers, “The Shelf Elf” offers a fun way to learn more about the library with an elf named Skoob. New to the library, Skoob is excited to receive a special book called “The Shelf Elf’s Guide to Library Etiquette” from Stacks, the Grand Dewey Daddy shelf elf.

Skoob also learns that he can earn the Golden Shelf Elf Award by taking good care of books, keeping the shelves straight and learning library manners. Young readers are encouraged to help Skoob win the award by spotting incorrectly shelved books, returning their own books on time and enjoying a search activity that entices children to find treasures hidden in the world of books surrounding Skoob.

Author Jackie Mims Hopkins’ rhyming poetry and the brilliantly detailed illustrations by Hollidaysburg native Rebecca Thornburgh are sure to engage children’s attention. A true gem starting with the cover, this delightful book, with its lively elf and intricate, colorful drawings of a welcoming library, drew me in immediately.

D. L. Kaiser is a member of the Nittany Valley Writer’s Network and the author and illustrator of “A Daily Dose of Ghosts.”

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