Property tax bill leaves questions for schools

If a bill that would allocate money from a different revenue source to funds school districts is reintroduced in state government, some local school administrators said it might not be a good thing.

Eats & drinks: Howard baker works on the farm, using local products

Sam Doan looks right at home in the farmhouse kitchen on Snydertown Road, though it’s not where she lives — yet. There’s a large antique french fry cutter in the window, a John Deere clock on the wall, a rack of deer rifles and not many more accessories in this bachelor’s kitchen. But that is going to change next month, when Doan and the farmer get married and she moves in and becomes an official member of the family.

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Blue Origin successfully landed its fully reusable New Shepard spacecraft on Monday. The company - owned by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos - sent an unmanned rocket to the edge of space - nearly 330,000 feet - before making a controlled landing back at the West Texas launch site.
Courtesy of Blue Origin

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