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Penn State Hockey

State of hockey looks healthy in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania doesn’t have the reputation for hockey like, say, Wisconsin or Minnesota, but six-plus years ago when Terry and Kim Pegula made an $88 million donation to Penn State to build an ice rink and start varsity programs, they wanted the state to gain that stature.

Letters to the Editor

Save our democracy

I am writing to sound an alarm. Our democracy is being threatened in a most fundamental way. This is of critical concern to all of us whether we are Republican, Democrat, independent, Green party or Libertarian. Basic constitutional rights are being put in jeopardy.

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Presidential Wax Museum at Port Matilda Elementary

An annual Presidential Wax Museum was held Thursday afternoon at Port Matilda Elementary School. Each year, third-grade teacher Carrie Sharkey teaches her class about presidents and the election process. The six-week lesson is wrapped up with an event open to the public. Each student researches a president of their choice. They are then required to dress up as that president and hold a short presentation. This year, 26 third-grade students participated.

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Is that Calvin Coolidge?

Third-grade student Kaden Clark acted as former President Calvin Coolidge during the annual Presidential Wax Museum at Port Matilda Elementary School. Students in teacher Carrie Sharkey's class ended a six weeklong government lesson with an event that allowed them to dress and act as a president of their choice. Kaden was standing still against a wall at the school, but became activated when Sharkey pressed a faux button on his hand that made him come to life with facts about Coolidge.