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Comparing Corman, Thompson town halls

Rep. Glenn “Talking Points” Thompson has been avoiding public interaction with some of his constituents. But he must be feeling good after Thursday’s “town hall.” Rather — staged theater — he sat in a comfy chair in front of cameras dispensing platitudes to a carefully managed handful.

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Repeal and replace efforts ‘unfair’

This time, the president told the truth. The health care bill passed by Rep. Glenn Thompson and other House Republicans was mean. So were the fat and skinny bills repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act that Sen. Pat Toomey and almost every Republican senator voted for.

Penn State Football

Penn State football countdown to kickoff: 17 days

We’re counting down the days until kickoff. So, every day, we’ll try to make that time tick by just a little faster by also counting down the top 30 moments of James Franklin’s tenure so far. Up next — with 17 days left — is the No. 17 moment since Franklin took the head-coaching job.