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Americans are dying faster. Millennials, too

The latest, best guesses for U.S. lifespans come from a study released this month by the Society of Actuaries: The average 65-year-old American man should die a few months short of his 86th birthday, while the average 65-year-old woman gets an additional two years, barely missing age 88.

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Defeated in primary, Kansas conservative congressman looking at comeback in 2018

Barely three months after he lost the Kansas Republican primary, Rep. Tim Huelskamp has already filed for a 2018 rematch with a congressman who hasn’t yet been elected. The uber-conservative incumbent lost to physician Roger Marshall in an expensive and bruising primary that had repercussions all the way to Washington. Huelskamp is a member of the Freedom Caucus, a band of far-right lawmakers who forced a government shutdown in 2013 and drove former Speaker John Boehner out of Congress.


Balding penguin finds warmth in wetsuit

SeaWorld has created a way to protect penguins with bald spots: wetsuits. This solution protects the penguin's skin and keeps them warm. Maria Barreto is a wardrobe craftsperson who made wetsuits for penguins, and says this is one of the best projects she's gotten to do.

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Fans in downtown State College

Fans gather in downtown State College after Penn State upsets No. 2 Ohio State. Fans take the time to chat with the CDT about what the wins means to them. Police were also on scene early Sunday morning to control the rallies that included thousands of people. Some rioted and destroyed public and private property.

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Fan reaction to Penn State win

As fans rally in the streets of downtown State College early Sunday morning, a group of fans take the time to chat with the CDT about what the win means for them. Penn State beat No. 2 Ohio State after a dramatic fourth quarter.