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Colombia repatriates dead as airline's licensing questioned

Colombia began repatriating the victims of this week's tragic air crash in the Andes on Friday as Bolivia's president called for "drastic measures" against aviation officials who signed off on a flight plan that experts and even one of the charter airline's executives said should never have been attempted due to concerns over a possible fuel shortage.

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Libya's Tripoli sees worst militias clashes in 2 years

Clashes continued for the second day among heavily-armed militias in the Libyan capital Tripoli, vying for power and control over the city, with one dislodging another in at least two posts, a five-star hotel and a barracks, in what appears to be the worst outbreak of violence the city has seen in two years.

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Q&A: Candidates, issues in Austria presidential election

Austria holds presidential elections on Sunday in a contest pitting a left-leaning contender against a right-winger supported by a populist anti-immigration party. Beyond the contest for the largely ceremonial office, the vote is being watched in other EU countries as a barometer of how well their populist candidates will do in upcoming elections. A look at the candidates and the issues:


Terror in Brussels

A location-by-location breakdown of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels.
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Terror in Brussels 2:36

Terror in Brussels

How cool is this house? 2:15

How cool is this house?

Malcolm Morrison gives a tour of his Aero Commander U9 1:03

Malcolm Morrison gives a tour of his Aero Commander U9

Franklin talks complimentary football 1:58

Franklin talks complimentary football