Letters to the Editor

October 28, 2013 1:39 AM

Letter to the editor | Respect students

Recently, Anthony Lubrano was quoted as saying, “I would argue the majority of students haven’t reached any conclusions (about the Sandusky-related issues) because I don’t know that they’re in any position to reach a conclusion. … I don’t want to come across as minimizing how they feel. … But I think 600,000 alumni have experienced Penn State and have a life basis to take a position that’s far more encompassing than just being on campus.” As an alumnus of this great university, it troubles me that we are represented by a faction of trustees who follow in Lubrano’s footsteps. Lubrano, along with his support group PS4RS, has begun to brazenly show they stand for attempting to divide while pretending to stand for unity and betterment of the university.

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