Seven benefits of hot yoga

I first tried hot yoga back in high school, when blustery winter days found me seeking warm solace in a heated studio. Since then, I've continued to practice hot yoga, even if that practice is somewhat sporadic.


Electric bikes make it easier to do daily activities without owning a car

Hard-core cyclists may not be paying attention to the rise of pedal-assisted bicycles, but they're a growing market that's enabling a large group of the population to better enjoy the experience of riding on two wheels. With an electric motor, this new generation of bikes gives you as much, or as little help as needed, providing a boost up hills or simply taking you further than you could otherwise go. The California-based Yuba Bicycles makes both traditional and pedal-assisted cargo bikes, which are designed to give you options for hauling goods (and kids) easily while retaining a light and nimble feel.

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How Alicia Vikander gained 12 pounds of muscle for her 'Tomb Raider' role

Alicia Vikander is known best for her roles in films like "Euphoria," "The Light Between Oceans," "The Danish Girl," and, as of last month, "Tomb Raider." This stark transition from dramatic lead to action hero was only really only eclipsed, in our eyes, by the physical transformation she underwent to play the film's heroine, Lara Croft. For the film, she worked hard to become incredibly toned, defined and muscular. Thanks to an intense fitness regimen developed by an expert trainer, her hard work paid off.


Looking for a shoe to wear after a long hike? Try the Teva Ember Moc

No matter how good your hiking boots are, at the end of a long day, there's no better feeling that taking them off. But at the campsite, you still need to walk around and get things done. That's where the Teva Ember Moc comes in handy. You might call it trail slipper, although with the outsole of a traditional sneaker it can be worn just about anywhere. The upper looks like a sleeping bag and feels about a comfortable as that sounds. The shoes have collapsible heel, which means you can easily slide them on when getting out of the tent, but if you want to be sure they stay put, simply pull the heel back and wear them like a fully supported shoe.


Great Backyard Bird Count coming next month

My brother Paul visited my Bald Eagle Valley home one day last winter. We were just sitting in the dining room having a cup of coffee. Birds flitted in and out from the bird feeders on my deck — just a few feet from the sliding glass doors and the table where we were seated.

Lane closures plague North Atherton Street as road work continues in the area

Drivers are cautioned to follow traffic signs as lane closures along North Atherton Street continue to create traffic issues. PennDOT advises using both lanes until the merge point.
Jeremy Hartley