Letters: Time to go solar at Centre County jail; ‘They’ a term rife with anger

Solar panels would send a signal

Installing solar panels on the Centre County Correctional Facility will reduce carbon dioxide output while also reducing energy costs. We live in a time of fear, doubt and misinformation, which tends to make people withdraw into the known and traditional rather than move forward to confront and solve the evolving problems of our time.

Climate-change deniers would retreat when we need to acknowledge and put our minds to the resolution of this issue. The whistle was blown on fossil fuels decades ago. Climate science is not a belief system; it is fact, and the facts doom our progeny unless we act. Foot dragging for eking out more profit now or wishful thinking in hopes that we won’t be inconvenienced puts off responsible action. Our response is time critical. Let’s use each opportunity to harvest power without raising carbon dioxide levels.

The proposed solar site’s proximity to Interstate 99 would make a powerful statement about the committed direction of Centre County. This area is inhabited by intelligent people who choose to respond in a positive way to the challenges we face. Bob Jacobs, Mark Higgins and the rest of the commissioners are to be commended for their support of this plan. Let the request for proposals begin!

Jackie Bonomo, Lemont

Scrub ‘they’ from the English language

In these days of disagreement, cultural strife and overt division, I have finally arrived at an end point, a point of no return. I am, personally, beginning a national campaign to eliminate a single word from the English language. The word is “they.” It is an insipid word filled with anger, accusation, bullying and condemnation.

During a recent snowstorm, a driver knocked over my mailbox. I reported the incident and heard an unending litany of “they” related to the driver’s ethnic background. They don’t know or follow U.S. laws; they don’t know how to drive; they come here; and on and on and on.

Either “they” needs to be addressed as a usage or the word has to go. If we eliminated the word, we would have to address individuals as individuals, not as large socio-economic groups of like-minded automatons. John doesn’t know how to drive; Mary doesn’t follow the rules. When was the last time every single person in any group agreed on anything?

“They” has no semantic content and is only used as invective. Therefore, I ask each of you to join me in my campaign to never, ever use the word “they” under any circumstance. Perhaps if we eliminate the use of the word, the context of its abuse will go away. Or perhaps each of us will begin to treat each one of us as an individual and not as a gigantic blob of humanity for whom all of society’s ills must be blamed.

Jackie R. Esposito, State College

Friedenberg willing to explore ‘new answers’

I am glad that we now have another chance to elect Marc Friedenberg. I have met him, and I have been impressed by his dedication, his knowledge of this district and the challenges we face as a nation, and by his willingness to find solutions.

After too many years of public officials playing ostrich and regurgitating old nostrums and talking points, it is refreshing to know that there is someone who is willing to try to find new answers, who trusts science and scientists, and follows their advice, and whose goal is to serve his district, not just keep a cushy job as too many have done in the past.

Please vote for him in the upcoming special election, which will be held on May 21, which is primary Election Day in Pennsylvania. Please note that this special congressional race will be at the top of your ballot and that, unlike in primaries on the ballot, independents can vote in this special election!

Lassie MacDonald, State College

A thank-you for a gentleman

When one looks up Elliot Abrams in the dictionary, one gets this definition: consummate professional and gentleman.

Elliot: You have touched untold millions over 51 years with your forecasts and advice. May your retirement be fulfilling. Thank you for a tremendous body of work.

Leigh Wheeler, State College
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