On road to recovery, kids have you in stitches

It happens every year, whether I want it to or not; I fall in love.

I open my arms and my heart to twenty or so curious and eager students, and together we walk down a path of learning, problem solving and discovering. Along the way we laugh, cry, and make lasting friendships.

That’s why it was particularly hard for me to leave the classroom this fall for this pesky thing called hip replacement surgery. I was fortunate enough to leave the children in the capable and caring hands of Mrs. Q., who quickly emailed me to inform me that SHE was in love. While I was a tiny bit jealous of the time she was spending with them, I knew in my heart that she was guiding them with the same love and high expectation that I myself would use.

She surprised me recently with a package of letters written to me by those very children that I have been missing, and they were just the medicine the doctor ordered. And now, I am sharing their very special healing powers with you.

Dear Miss Marsh, How did your srgare go? Im sorry you kant mak it to Hallawen. Are you trck or treting? Love, Paul.

Dear Miss Marsh, I mis u so moch and kan yu come rot bak? Love, Jack.

Dear Miss Marsh, Being at school is good but I miss you soooo much. But we are still having fun with out you. Love, Jill

Dear Miss Marsh, I hop you will be badr very soon. Ar you evr cuming bak? Love, Alice

Dear Miss Marsh, I miss you . Are you feling god? I just trnd 7! Love, Jay.

Dear Miss Marsh, I miss you. In fact we all miss you. We are lerning abot Veterens Day and America and Bese Ros and the flag. Love, Isaac.

Dear Miss Marsh, I wish you code cume to pajama day and then I code hug you and see you. But school is good. Love, Sally

Dear Miss Marsh, We ar lerning abut the Pilgrems. I am prety sur they cam to amrika last yer. Love, Susie.

Dear Miss Marsh. We had pajama day and it was very fun pucus is was pajama day for the HOL SHOOL! I wish we cud ware pajamas to shool evry day. Love, Dana

Yep, it happens every year; I fall in love. But this year I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with them, and aren’t they very lucky, indeed.