Penns Valley and Miles Township elementary school students say they have many reasons to give thanks

Thanksgiving brings the Christmas elf to Max Morrison’s home.

At Avery Dinges’ house, they say a prayer once they’re stuffed from asking for one helping after another.

For Carley Myers’ meal, the turkey goes into a black pan and then into the oven for two minutes. But Amanda Bohn’s family cooks its bird for 24 hours — after first catching it.

They and other second-graders from Penns Valley and Miles Township elementary school recently shared thoughts on Thanksgiving dinner, their families’ preparations and why we celebrate the holiday. Here are their written responses, in their own, unedited words:

• First you put a turkey (a dead one) in a oven on 300 degrees for 2 hours. Then take out the turkey and let it cool for 1 hour. Last dig in and eat. —

Andrew Ruoff

• This Thanksgiving I’m going to have a blast! Me and my cousins are going to play cards. I can’t wate! We are going to have a lot of food too. —

Amber Royer

• I like Thanksgiving because all of my family comes over but when dinner is cooking I watch tv. Our Christmas elf comes on Thanksgiving. My elfs name is Harold and he is magical. He hides over night! —

Max Morrison

• First you try to shoot a turkey. If you can’t buy one. After you shoot one or buy one you cook it in the oven for 2 hours and the tempecher as 300 dagereys. You cook it antill the skin turns brown. Then you take it out and eat it. Yum! —

Miles Brooks

• Why do we celebrate thanksgiving? To onar the pillgram finding America a long time ago. They sailed on the mayflower. The pillgrams billt little towns here. —

Justin Myers

• We make ise cream jelo terky mash poatos and rice. I help my mom make jelo. you make jelo by getting blue food coloring that is liqid and mix it with suger and put it in a frigrater for daddy. —

Deacon Luse

• We celebrate Thanksgiving because we give thanks for all are stuff. Like we give thanks for are wonderful mom and dad are are toys, are animals, are smart teachers, are frindly frineds, are family, are food, god, the mayflower, are silverware and plates, all are books, paper, glitter glue, are craft stuff, bottles of whater and are presidents. —

Zoe Moyer

• Thanksgiving turkey is delishes! At my grandma’s house we have a boom box and a waterslide. Wow. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving! —

Issac Braucht

• We don’t prepare a thanksgiving meal at our house. We go to our grate grandma’s house. I don’t know what thay do. That turkey is the best. —

Sam Ewaskiewisz

• We celebrate thanksgiving for the Pilgrums that came her to git away from the king. —

Dakota Brodzina

• My Dad and my mom are setting the dinner table for the grand Thanksgiving. They decorate from top to bottom. The food tastes so good. The shandler sparkels and gleemed. We have our fook and spoon. It was so good that we kept asking and asking for more and when we were so stuft we did a prayer. —

Avery Dinges

• On Thanksgiving it is very crasy. It’s also fun and fat. We eat and watch tv. It’s super lasy and exciting at the same time. No one has any complaints becuase they’re too sleepy from the turkey. —

Dillon Confer

• To make a turkey we half to catch one. Next we cook it for 24 hours than we stuffed our self. On thanksgiving we eat the turkey and it tastes Awesome. —

Amanda Bohn

• You get one can on pumpkin pie fill and put in a pie plate. Than you put the pumkin pie in the oven for 1 hour or less. We celebrate Thanksgiving because we should be thankful for everyting we have in our lives. —

Carley Beard

• At Thanksgiving I coked a big turky. I put in the oven. I wated for 30 Minits then I take owt and it is a dullishes turky. —

David Martin

• How to make a tucey. first you biy it from the stor then you tak it home and put it in a big black pan then you put it in the oven for 300 degrees for 2 minets. Then you eat it yumy. —

Carley Myers

• On Thanksgiving day we get a big turkey and cook it. It takes a long time to Cook. Friends and family come in when the turkey was finst. And I said the prayer. It was like this - I am thankful for family and friends. —

Garret Wingert

• We all had to grab some turkey because it looked so good. I took some and it was so good that I took some more and more, when finely I got full. I went to bed dreaming of talking turkey. —

Orion Welch

• I’m helping my Mom cook Thanksgiving dinner. I’m so happy I can help my cook pumpkin pie. The food smells good. It is allmost time for the feest! —

Rachel Breon

• First you open a can of pumpkin. Next you open caned milk in it. then you cook it for 200 degrees F than you let it cool. last you put it on the table. Next you dig in yummy. —

Kevin Carter

• On Thanksgiving day my family packs and then gets on the road and travels. When we get their I go to the basemit. I like the basemit because their is a pool tabl. —



• I prepared thanksgiving meal by cooking turkey, cutting crambary and filling a bowl with stuffing. The reson I fill a bowl with stuffing is becuse I cut the turkey. When the food is on the table pepole crowd around the table. —

Megan Zehr

• How to make rice first you put hot water into a pot and then wait for it to boyols. Then you put the rice in and then wait for a few minutes. We sellabrate thanksgiveing becuase we need to be thankful for all we have. —

Alexander Coursen

• We prepare a thanksgiving meal like first we get a pumpkin then we mash up the pumpkin last we make the crust and make the pumpkin pie. —

Kayla Stover

• I am thankful for my cousin had not died in his car crash and he fliped up side down in his car crash. I have mashed potatoes and stuffing, turkey, purple pickled eggs, corn, pumpkin pie and last but not least green beans! Yum! —

Allison Sailors

• I prepare a Thanksgiving meal by making a turkey. Also I set the table. I also cook biscuits. I also eat it on Thanksgiving day. With my mom and dad and cusins. It is good. —

Daniel Shook