Penns Valley and Miles Township elementary school students say they have many reasons to give thanks

Thanksgiving brings the Christmas elf to Max Morrison’s home.

At Avery Dinges’ house, they say a prayer once they’re stuffed from asking for one helping after another.

For Carley Myers’ meal, the turkey goes into a black pan and then into the oven for two minutes. But Amanda Bohn’s family cooks its bird for 24 hours — after first catching it.

They and other second-graders from Penns Valley and Miles Township elementary school recently shared thoughts on Thanksgiving dinner, their families’ preparations and why we celebrate the holiday. Here are their written responses, in their own, unedited words:

Andrew Ruoff

Amber Royer

Max Morrison

Miles Brooks

Justin Myers

Deacon Luse

Zoe Moyer

Issac Braucht

Sam Ewaskiewisz

Dakota Brodzina

Avery Dinges

Dillon Confer

Amanda Bohn

Carley Beard

David Martin

Carley Myers

Garret Wingert

Orion Welch

Rachel Breon

Kevin Carter


Megan Zehr

Alexander Coursen

Kayla Stover

Allison Sailors

Daniel Shook