Develop traditions in new year

Establishing family traditions are ways in which families can celebrate life together, both the big and little moments. Such traditions give us a sense of security and continuity, as well as a sense of heritage. In my family, we all made one resolution that we would try to live by in the New Year. We had our traditional pizza and punch on New Year’s Eve, and my parents would let us put on the radio so we could hear Kasey Kasem report on the top 40 songs. Children remember their own family traditions and typically pass them on to the next generation. Below are some traditions that involve the whole family. If your family doesn’t have any, consider beginning some this year.

Action ideas:

•  Write down your bad habits/bad experiences on paper, discard them, and then write out your plans/goals for the New Year.

•  As you start your own traditions this year, consider recording them in a journal. At the end of the year you’ll have a record of some of your most treasured moments

•  Take a family getaway and go ice skating, tubing or to the movies.

•  Get kids involved in making festive decorations. They can create their own noisemakers by filling plastic water bottles with rice or lentils, and covering them with colored paper, glitter and other decorations.