Local APPRISE program to present free workshops for people joining Medicare

Those who are new to Medicare are invited to a free community workshop being held by the APPRISE Program of the Centre County Office of Aging.

The program, “Get Ready for Medicare: The Basics for People Who Are Joining,” will be held at the two dates listed below. Call to register:

Tuesday April 21 at 10 a.m.

Location: Snow Shoe Senior Center

Mountain Top Medical Center

Snow Shoe, PA

Call 387-4086 to register

Wednesday July 15 at 2 p.m.

Holt Memorial Library

17 N. Front St.

Philipsburg, PA

Call 355-6716 to register

These workshops are designed to assist people who are enrolling in Medicare, either because they will turn 65 years old or because they receive Social Security disability benefits. The workshops are also appropriate for spouses and caregivers and anyone currently on Medicare who wants to learn more.

Roughly 100,000 Pennsylvanians enroll in Medicare each year. Many struggle to make the right decisions about their coverage because they do not have clear information. The Medicare enrollment process is complex, and there are key decisions that must be made according to strict deadlines. There are also programs that can help Medicare enrollees save money. Beneficiaries are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to get information from trained people who will offer unbiased advice.

APPRISE is a program of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, the designated State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) in Pennsylvania. SHIPs receive grant funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to provide direct, local assistance to Medicare beneficiaries through one-on-one, counseling sessions (in-person and over the phone), presentations, and public education programs.

Counselors are trained volunteers who answer questions and provide information about Medicare, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicaid and Long-Term Care Insurance.

Call the statewide toll free line at 800-783-7067 to connect with a counselor in your area. Centre County residents can call the Centre County Office of Aging at 355-6716.