Chris Squire says Yes to band’s new lead singer

This is getting to be routine. About four years ago, Chris Squire of the veteran progressive-rock band Yes called to explain why and how Benoit David had replaced original lead singer Jon Anderson in the then-40-year-old outfit.

Recently, Squire, the group’s charter bassist, was back on the blower, this time talking about David’s replacement, Jon Davison, who will be introduced to local fans during Yes’ upcoming tour dates.

“We were doing a European leg of the tour to promote ‘Fly From Here’ — the group’s most recent CD — last year,” Squire said.

“At that time, Benoit, who, I must say, did an excellent job, was the singer. He started having voice problems and we actually had to cancel the last three shows of the tour because he felt he couldn’t deliver ... So we just agreed to find somebody new, and very fortunate for us, there was Jon Davison who was ready, willing and able to jump on board. I have to say he has done a fantastic job.”

So far, he added, Davison appears to be fitting in well.

The hiring of Davison appears to be further proof of the permanent estrangement of Yes and original vocalist Anderson, whose severe respiratory issues caused him to leave the band he co-founded. However, while Squire insisted that, “At the moment, we’re not thinking about doing anything with Jon Anderson again,” he seemed to take a “never-say-never” approach.

“It’s a possibility that we might do it one day,” he said, “but at the moment we’re out promoting ‘Fly From Here’ and introducing Jon Davison to people.”

Yes will perform at 7 p.m. July 20 at  Tower Theater, Philadelphia; and 7 p.m. July 24 at Carnegie Library Music Hall, Pittsburgh. Visit www.livenation.com for more information.