Pure Cane Sugar to make sweet harmonies with live-show recording

State College’s own Pure Cane Sugar will follow in the footsteps of “Frampton Comes Alive!” and The Who’s “Live at Leeds” when it records a live album at the State Theatre.

Forming seven years ago and having been a downtown musical stalwart ever since, Pure Cane Sugar is set to showcase its rootsy style and heart-melting harmonies that has made them one of the most popular and adored bands in the Centre Region. Given that their dynamic live shows are a must-see, it only makes sense that they try to capture that energy onto a disc.

“The idea actually came from The State Theatre,” vocalist and acoustic guitarist Kate Twoey said. “We played a show there last September and the sound engineers there came to us afterwards and said that they would love to help us capture what we do live. So it was actually their idea, which was really exciting for us.”

“We all thought that it would be fun to record a live show and our live sound is what we enjoy the most,” vocalist Natalie Race added. “It’s where we have the most energy and it’s such a different experience than just going into the studio and recording.”

Recording in a studio has its advantages and disadvantages, but the real soul and spirit of the performers is best displayed in front of a crowd.

“We had been thinking about doing a new CD, and when you go into the studio, you kind of do things piecemeal,” Twoey said. “We really enjoy the energy that we create when we play together, and it’s hard to recreate that in the studio.”

“Obviously you have the ‘mess-up factor,’ so if there’s any flubs or flaws we have to decide on the spot whether we want to keep it realistic, which means that not everything is going to be absolutely perfect,” Twoey said. “You can sort of cheat when you’re in a studio, and we don’t want to do that.”

Initially forming as a three piece all-female set with a predominantly acoustic vibe, Pure Cane Sugar has added Jason “Junior” Tutwiler on fiddle and guitar and drummer Daryl Brandord, giving the band the option to explore musically.

“We have had different people join us who also take us in a different direction depending on what their expertise is,” Twoey said. “We will play anything as long as we’re putting harmonies together.”

Pure Cane Sugar 8 p.m. April 10 at the State Theatre. Visit www.thestatetheatre.org or call 272-0606.