Local musician Erin Condo starts Kickstarter album fund

Local singer-songwriter Erin Condo will is heading to the studio to record her second album “Love & Lightning” and she’s turning to her fans and her community to help get her started. Condo is raising money to pay for her new album using Kickstarter.com, an online tool that helps many projects get off the ground by offering rewards in exchange for a financial contribution.

Through Kickstarter, Condo will offer donors rewards such as free song downloads, an advanced copy of “Love & Lightning” autographed by Erin Condo & the Hoofties, Condo’s purple Telecaster guitar, a ticket to the CD launch party at the Bremen Town Ballroom in Millheim and more.

At the highest reward level, Erin will unofficially crown the supporter “King & Queen of Millheim,” a status affording the donor to be treated like royalty by the businesses and people of Millheim during the CD release weekend in the fall.

Condo hopes to raise almost $8,000 to cover the cost of recording and CD printing. Any extra funds raised will go toward promoting the album. To contribute to the project or to find out more, visit kickstarter.com/erincondo. The campaign ends on June 7.