Library promotes fun, learning with summer programs

According to the Schlow Centre Region Library, kids will dig reading, thanks to its annual summer reading program. As with every year, this year’s programs for children, teens and adults will feature a variety of fun reading events, performances, games and prizes.

Leading the children’s program is Anita Ditz, head of children’s services at the library. The theme for this year’s children’s summer reading program is “Dig Into Reading.”

Throughout the summer, various reading events are scheduled for the children’s program. Children can get their hands dirty on Discovery Tuesdays and count on our M.A.T.H. (Magical Adventures with Talented Heroines & Heroes). Everybody Story Times will be held every other week for children age 2 to 7, and is designed to promote early literacy and encourage interaction between parents and children in a group setting. On Wednesdays, “Read It, Watch It” presents film versions of popular children’s books at the State Theatre. Wednesdays and Thursdays will provide special performers and other activities, and children can also enjoy story time every Saturday morning, which will be held in the children’s activity room.

Children can log their books and earn tickets for a chance to win some fun prizes, which are drawn Thursdays thorugh Aug. 15

Included in the children’s reading program will also be a special program for babies and toddlers under age three, “My First Bookclub.” Parents will be able to read books to their children. Once a parent has read 15 books to their child, they will be able to choose a book to keep. Prizes, tickets, and parties do not apply to those under three years of age.

“My goal for the summer reading is to engage children in reading over the summer so that they don’t experience ‘summer slide,’ ” Ditz said. “I want them to experience the joy of reading. ... I’ve been telling all the children that I speak to at schools that there is no reason to be bored this summer if they are part of the summer library program.”

The 2013 Tween/Teen Summer Reading program at Schlow library is a 10-week program with the theme of “Beneath the Surface.” The program starts on June 1 for grades 5 - 12. Raffle drawings will be done every three weeks and readers will be rewarded for reaching five and 10 book reading milestones.

“The habit of reading increases reading comprehension, vocabulary and understanding of complex ideas, not to mention helping students score higher on the SATs,” said Karen Lambert, the library’s young adult/reference librarian.

The Teen Reading Program will also include several fun events, including “Discover the Comic Artist” with local comic artist Jason Lenox. A “Beneath the Ocean” craft on July 24.

Lambert said the main goal for this program is to encourage teens enjoy reading.

“I hope they learn that reading is fun and not only something to be done for school,” she said. “Traveling to distant worlds, fighting an unjust war, falling in love, or learning about something new are all things that can be experienced by reading, anywhere at any time.”

Kristina Yezdimer, adult services librarian at Schlow, is in charge of the library’s adult reading program. The theme for the adult program this year is “Groundbreaking Reads,” encouraging adults to expand their minds by reading about new ideas and subjects.

“All they have to do is go online and log the books they read this summer to be entered into weekly prize drawings,” Yezdimer said. “Because I know grown-ups may be short on time to read, they only have to log one book in order to have a chance to win prizes.”

The prizes include gift certificates from local restaurants and businesses, “Groundbreaking Reads” T-shirts, and other items. There will be three grand prizes this year, which include two Kindle Fire HD 8.9s and an iPad 4.

The adult reading program will also include some fun events throughout the summer, including a concert by Glenn Jones.

“We’re going to have a program that I’m really excited about called ‘Geek Speak,’ ” Yezdimer said. “This is going to be based on ‘Nerd Nite,’ a network of events around the world where people give fun and informative talks, as well as interesting performances in a festive, social atmosphere.”

The program will feature presentations on groundbreaking topics such as 3-D printing and a talk on “The Bio-mechanics of Belly Dancing,” and a spoken word concert in August with Penn State theater professor Charles Dumas and Urban Fusion in Sidney Friedman Park. The grand prize winners for the summer reading program will then be announced.

Reading regular Cindy Hoover stands behind the library’s program.

“The program provides an entertaining free family activity, which encourages families to spend time reading together. Its overall message is that you’re never too young or too old to experience the joy of reading,” she said. “Furthermore, I think the adult reading program shows young people that reading never stops being fun.”

Although reading and learning are most crucial to the development of children at a young age, it is also important for adults to keep their minds fresh by continuing to read and learn throughout their lives.

“Our goal for the adult summer reading program is to promote lifelong literacy and to encourage adults to challenge their minds with new ideas and interests,” Yezdimer said. “I think a lot of adults really enjoyed participating in summer reading programs as kids, or they see all the fun the kids get to have and wish they could participate in something like that too, and they can.”

For more information on the programs, visit www.schlowlibrary.org.