Hello stranger: Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson finds his voice for solo tour

Considering that he has one of the most unique and iconic voices in rock ’n’ roll history, Roger Hodgson himself isn’t all that recognizable. Only music fandom’s die hards really know who he is while the rest of us simply know him as Supertramp, the band that he co-founded in the United Kingdom with keyboardist Rick Davies in 1969.

Being a member of one of the highest-selling and most beloved bands of the 1970s and early ’80s certainly had its benefits and helped cement Hodgson’s initial legacy as an icon. He left that band in 1983 and has spent the past three decades immersed in an array of his own interests, which includes a return to music and a tour that will bring him to perform at the Williamsport Community Arts Center next week.

“You will hear songs that I have written on my life journey,” Hodgson said of his 2013 world tour. “Of course, I’ll be performing all the songs people want to hear from my time with Supertramp. This year, in addition to my popular duo and orchestral shows, I am performing with an excellent band of four very versatile musicians. They are high-caliber musicians and passionate about the music.”

A jack-of-all-musical trades, Hodgson has played just about any and every instrument in his close to 45 years as a professional musician, but it was the guitar that initially made him fall in love with song.

“My father used to play folk songs on an old acoustic guitar that he would never let me touch,” Hodgson said. “When my parents divorced, it was his parting gift to me. I was 12 at the time and the moment I got it into my hands, my life changed forever.”

The releaase of Supertramp’s 1979 album “Breakfast in America” spurred the chart-topping singles “Goodbye Stranger,” “The Logical Song” and “Take the Long Way Home.”

“When people hear my songs, they think of Supertramp because my songs were most of the hits that people love and they are still played on the radio,” Hodgson said. “Supertramp was my baby for 14 years, but I felt a completion.”

Now at ease in both a musical and spiritual sense, Hodgson said he is excited to be touring again.

“I love singing and playing ‘Dreamer’ in concert,” Hodgson said. “Kids love it and it’s a wonderful song that brings out the dreamer in everyone.”