4th Fest celebrates holiday with a bang

Centre County is all abuzz in anticipation of the one of top Fourth of July fireworks displays in the country.

The Central PA 4th Fest will feature a variety of family friendly activities to celebrate the country’s independence, including a massive birthday cake, interactions with historical figures by Adam Swartz Puppets and enactors, vendors, pyrotechnics demonstrations and more.

Centre County’s own history in celebration of the holiday dates back to 1927, when the Alpha Fire Company first put on a carnival. In the 1970s the event became so big that the fire company and its growing list of safety demands could no longer provide the resources to continue the festival.

In 1978 the State College Sunrise Kiwanis Club took over the Fourth of July celebration, presenting a humble firework show at its current site next to Beaver Stadium.

After passing through the hands of several organizations, the event as we know it was acquired by the Central PA 4th Fest organization.