Philipsburg group toasts oenophiles with wine walk

For many, it’s beyond relaxing to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day. There’s just something universal about filling your glass with fermented grapes and luxuriating in the calming euphoria. With the conclusion of summer upon us, the Philipsburg Revitalization Corp. will take that feeling to new and delicious heights by organizing the town’s first “Fare and Pair: A Wine Affair” wine walk.

Taking place at Pocket Park on Aug. 9 and featuring four wineries and a variety of local businesses offering an array of finger foods, the event will give attendees a chance to sample, learn about and purchase a cluster of corked specialties.

“It’s something really different that we’ve never done before,” said Dana Shoemaker, the Philipsburg Revitalization Corp.’s executive director. “It should bring a niche market and different groups of people who would otherwise never really think to come to Philipsburg, which is what will be really neat. It’s obviously meant for adults and will give them one last thing to do before the kids go back to school, before football starts, and will encourage people to enjoy wine.”

Various Philipsburg-based businesses are also getting in on the action and are hotly anticipating what the wine walk will have in store.

“Being able to see new faces and having the chance to give back to the community are what I’m most looking forward to,” said Ava Selepack of the Retro Eatery, who will be serving treats from a specifically designed menu that will pair perfectly with the decadent liquid swirling in your glass.

In addition to the food and drink, downtown historic Philipsburg will also be on display, providing a fantastic backdrop to the festivities.

“You’ll be able to see the beautiful architecture here, which a lot of people don’t realize we have,” Shoemaker said, “There’s new and exciting things here and you don’t have to travel that far to do.”

The fact that Philipsburg is taking a chance on an event like this is exciting in its own right. Aside from the flowing reds and whites, it will also help to further build a sense of community while also making a significant impact on the borough’s economy.

“Normally, this is not the type of event that happens in Philipsburg, but we thought, ‘Well, we’re going to take a stab at it and see what the response is,’ and so far, people are very excited about it.”

Shoemaker said, “Because this event is new and the first of its kind, it’s kind of a little bit edgy and in order for us to have an economic impact, you have to develop your community. You have to get people together and let them have a good time and enjoy themselves.”