Local screening of student film ‘Betsy’ again postponed

Due to a filmmaker request, the State Theatre’s Feb. 24 screening of the independent student film “Betsy” has been canceled. The feature-length film recounts the life and death of Betsy Ruth Aardsma, a 22-year-old Penn State student who was found with a knife wound to the heart in Pattee Library in November 1969. The film originally was to be shown Jan. 19 but was postponed until this month.

“We had to postpone the ‘Betsy’ film because it wasn’t quite ready to be shown,” said Scott Shumaker, the theater’s rentals manager. Shumaker said he was not in a position to give any details on why the film wasn’t ready but said he could comment on why a new date was not set.

“We had already postponed the film once before, and to avoid as much confusion as possible, we will reschedule the film once it’s ready to be shown,” he said.

“Betsy” filmmaker Tommy Davis said he regrets the film’s delay but said big-budget as well as independent films are sometimes susceptible to cancelation.

“It is going to be rescheduled soon, once some technical things get ironed out,” he said. “I’m extremely excited about unleashing the film’s vision of a story that’s both very personal to me.”

To view the film’s trailer, visit http://tinyurl.com/nomt3of.